StAloysius 371

It is so important that our students have a balanced learning and teaching environment that caters for the development of the whole child. Throughout their primary school years our students are immersed in learning that deepens their understanding of how the body functions and how they can look after themselves through what they eat, how they sleep and the amount of quality exercise they receive. Through units of inquiry and targeted programmes such as the Life Education programme our students begin to develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the choices they make that can affect their quality of life.

Our students are immersed in a Physical Education programme that targets fundamental skill development such as throwing, catching, running and jumping. The students are exposed to minor games that lead to skill development for major games such as tennis, soccer, cricket and hockey. A follow up sports session is held later in the week where these skills can be used in a game situation. An athletics programme followed by a whole school carnival is held annually. An intense swimming programme is held annually.

The students from years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to compete in interschool competitions such as basketball, netball, cricket, rugby and soccer. Other outdoor education programmes such as the Marine Ranger’s snorkelling programme gives our senior students even further skills for long term lifestyle activity.