At St Aloysius, the capacity to navigate the current landscape – to learn together, to work from evidence, to animate and support learners, and to lead in faith and transformation – presents us with great opportunities and exhilarating challenges. At St Aloysius staff are called to meet these opportunities and challenges with courage and with faith, hope and love for their students.

The Horizons of Hope, the new education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne will support the St Aloysius school community to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning, and enhancing the Catholic identity of our school.

Learners and teachers create contemporary learning environments and quality learning outcomes as they shape and enrich their own and others’ worlds.

  • Contemporary learning at St Aloysius is personalised and provides learning experiences that are designed to help learners develop their knowledge, skills and understandings in all learning areas. It is within this context that all learners are entitled to access a quality curriculum where they have a feeling of connectedness and belonging, of being known and valued, and listened to.  

This is underpinned by the following assumptions:

  • The world of students within and beyond the school is connected by the use of contemporary information processing, communication and collaboration tools.
  • Teachers engage in continuous learning to enhance their professional practice and the practices of their students.
  • School leaders, teaching staff and parents create the conditions that enable the vision to be realised.
  • Parents are empowered to become actively involved in their child’s education by accessing online communication (blogs) and focused learning opportunities.
  • Planning and resourcing is future-focused and flexibly delivered within the learning context of the school.

The context for teaching and learning at St. Aloysius is within a Contemporary Learning Framework which is characterised by:

  • An Inquiry approach to learning that is used throughout the school.  This approach links learning to life experiences and opens students a perspective of learning that is relational rather than isolated subject content.
  • The use of technology with a variety of tools and applications in order to enhance and enrich the learning experience by offering scope for research, communication and creativity.
  • A physical school environment that supports Contemporary Learning Models.   St Aloysius’ School has been completely refurbished and designed to meet the standards of contemporary learning facilities.  With creative design, open spaces, flowing and interconnecting facilities, spaces for quiet work and others for group collaboration, indoor and outdoor learning spaces and integral technology connectivity capacity the school is well placed to support the type of learning that it offers students.